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All auction listings are imported directly from Japan per customer request and sold as is. There will under no circumstances be any returns/exchanges or refunds. Once payment is received there are no cancellations, bids also cannot be cancelled. 50% down is required to bid and in most cases place a buy it now order. All deposits are non-refundable unless your bid is lost. In the case of a lost bid the deposit will be fully refunded after the auction ends. In certain cases you may inquire a small fee to cover the currency exchange processing to convert your deposit back and fourth. This will be noted before payment is made. 

These listings are available to the Japanese public. There may be a chance that someone local purchases your item between the time I receive your payment and can confirm the purchase. If this is the case your payment will be refunded. (Minus the same exchange fee mentioned prior). If there are any fees associated to a potential refund, it will be noted before purchase. 

It takes about 1-3 weeks to receive your item in Japan. Once we receive it in Japan tires will be removed (if applicable) and then it will be packaged for international shipment. At this point any remaining payments are due if not originally paid in full. Once your items are ready to ship you will be notified. 

International shipping (Japan to your door) takes about 2-6 days and will have tracking information and insurance. Insurance may not cover the full amount paid by the buyer even if it is “fully insured”. This is because legally the item can only be insured for its original purchasing value. Domestic and international shipping, auction/brokerage fees, etc.. are not included in the insurance value (though all of these fees are included in the final price).