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If your wheels are already in stock, 50% of the total build price is required as a deposit. The deposit will reserve the wheels for you, as well as cover costs for parts, and labor. Because of this, any deposits are non-refundable. If your wheel are being sourced/imported first please see the above section “auctions/sourcing” for more info. Most builds that are sourced first will be split into multiple payments, though not required. Build times can and will vary greatly and are not guaranteed. Due to the custom nature of the parts required and the current state of the industry, parts may take  longer than expected. We will work with you and keep you updated on lead times as we get them, and of course get you your wheels as fast as we can. But unfortunately, JPWheelSupplies cannot guarantee completion dates, and only provide timelines on which we expect the wheels to be completed. This can be discussed during the parts sizing/selection process. Furthermore more, all wheels are assumed to be second hand refurbished goods unless stated otherwise. The extent of the refurbishment will depend on the buyers selection of services/parts listed in the invoice. If no new parts are selected, the original parts will be retained.