JPWheelSupplies offers a variety of different services. Specializing in but not limited to the following:

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Re-lip, re-barrel, re-seal, weld split, step lip conversion, and more


Chrome Plating, Full Polish, Brush, Powder Coat, and more

Wheels & Parts Import 
Authentic JDM Parts straight from the motherland

Aftermarket/Parts install  

Need your new aftermarket or oem replacement parts installed? We got               you! 

  • Three-piece welded rebuild:

Most Japanese three-piece wheels are welded at the lip and barrel from the factory. If your wheels have never been rebuilt before or are still in the original specs, chances are they're welded. Popular three-piece welded wheels: Work VS-KF, VS-SS, Work LS series, All SSR "three-piece", and more. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the construction of your wheels. With these rebuilds the weld is split and the half you want to reuse is machined/prepped for reassembly. (One half is sacrificed in order to use the other for rebuild.)
*at this time JPWheelSupplies does not directly offer 2 piece welded splitting services though we may be able to help out. 
(one-piece hoop with the face welded in ex. Work Euroline, Amistad Charme, SSR Fellini, Small Diameter Weds Kranze, etc.) 

  • Full Polish or Re-polish
We offer in house aluminum polishing for a variety of different pieces. The most popular polishing service is lip refinishing or full polish faces. Parts are sanded to high grit and then machine buffed in three stages to a show quality shine. Certain pieces require much more prep than others. Most OEM lips are anodized and require stripping before sanding. 


  • Chrome Plating
If you are looking for a deeper/more clear mirror finish we offer triple chrome plating. Nothing beats the shine of some fresh chrome! Chrome plating is also much easier to maintain for everyday use in comparison to a polished finish.

  • Step Lip Conversion
A step lip conversion increases the outer diameter of your wheel. For example, an 18" face with step lips and barrels has a 19" outer diameter. You cannot simply use step lips in place of your reverse lips. You will need to swap both inners and outers for stepped parts, and understand it will increase the outer diameter of the wheel. In most cases the outer diameter of the face needs to be machined to drop into the hoop. We provide this service in house at JPWheelSupplies.